6 Haziran 2013 Perşembe




one of the rare Anatolian cities, which have preserved their historical and cultural features, is a gateway in the Central Black Sea Region connecting the Black Sea to Eastern and Central Anatolia.

With a great potential for culture tourism thanks to its 600-year history the city has preserved a lot of cultural, monumental and civilian structures constructed during Danismend, Seljuk and Ottoman eras and during the initial years of the Republic in addition to ruins of cities built during ancient civilizations.

As regards the gastronomy tourism, the city has some local specialties including Tokat Kebab, which is named after our province, honey with cottage cheese and stuffed broad bean and a variety of vegetables and fruits with the exception of citrus fruits. Traditional handicrafts such as forget copperware, Block Printing which has a history of 600 years, weaving and traditional garments.


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